Reach Out this Mental Health Awareness Week (10th-16th May)

Throughout the last year, lots of us have experienced mental health difficulties, or have seen someone struggle. Living with mental health problems comes with many challenges. It’s often overwhelming and emotionally draining and articulating thoughts and feelings can feel near impossible.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we want everyone to know that they can reach out to the Wellbeing Service in Norfolk and Waveney if they need support, or someone to just talk to.

The services are really easy to access and anyone can self-referat any time. The Wellbeing Service in Norfolk and Waveney are here to offer one-to-one support, educational webinars and a chance to connect via their social events.

Their NHS Wellbeing Service is completely free and it is here to help anyone who needs it.

For more information about the Wellbeing Service in Norfolk and Waveney, please view the online links below:

Reach out. We are here to help.