Coronavirus Update for Patients

As of Monday 20th July 2020, please be advised that all appointments with a clinician will now be a telephone call. Do not attend the surgery unless instructed to do so by a clinician. You must wear a face covering when you come to the surgery.

There will be crosses on the floor of the entrance lobby indicating where you must queue 1m apart in line with social distancing. There will be a barrier at the double door entrance to the surgery where you will need to press a doorbell and wait for a receptionist. The receptionist will take your temperature. If your temperature is above 37.7 degrees you will be put on the triage list and a clinician will call you. If the clinician is already aware that you have COVID-19 symptoms, you will be asked to enter through the ‘hot room’ entrance.

If you have a temperature below 37.7 degrees, you will either be directed to a waiting room until your appointment or directed to the dispensary if you are collecting medication. There will be a maximum of 3 people queuing for the dispensary at any one time, crosses 1m apart will indicate where you need to wait.

If you are collecting letters, blood forms etc. please ring the doorbell and a receptionist will come and give you the paperwork you require.

You will exit through the old surgery doors, which will be clearly sign posted.

Please note that all of the toilets will be closed to the public. Toilets will only be open to patients who have an appointment booked, for infection control purposes.

For any enquiries, appointment bookings and test results etc. you can call the reception or use our FootFall website.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this pandemic, if we all work together in this, we can help to protect our community.